Courier del Orinoco #14

Uno de los efectos de la pandemia es que ha permeado todos los espacios de la vida pública, de tal suerte que todo está de alguna manera determinado por su evolución.

Así, el debate político en Estados Unidos, de cara a la cita electoral del próximo mes de noviembre, estuvo esta semana mediado una vez más por la gestión política y sanitaria de la pandemia, y la política de salud que consecuentemente habría de ser implementada por una nueva administración. Al respecto, fueron objeto de interés de los medios de comunicación, tanto las estrategias políticas de los republicanos, como los apoyos que se manifestaron en respaldo al candidato demócrata y sus propuestas en torno al tema.

Nótese además, que el único elemento distinto a la pandemia que esta semana afectó la campaña electoral, es  la resonancia de la denuncia por acoso sexual que pesa contra J. Biden y que esta semana lo obligó a pronunciarse públicamente al respecto.

En el plano económico, las noticias de la semana continúan dando cuenta de la política de auxilio de la administración Trump, pero además resaltan las estimaciones sobre la magnitud de la contracción de la economía estadounidense durante el primer y segundo trimestre de este año.

En lo que se refiere a las relaciones entre Estados Unidos y Venezuela, las tensiones parecen mantenerse en el mismo nivel. Aún cuando volvieron a registrarse algunas declaraciones altisonantes de la administración Trump, también parece consolidarse un espacio internacional en el que se valora negativamente el impacto, en el marco de la pandemia, de las sanciones impuestas unilateralmente por Estados Unidos contra Venezuela.

En fin, con respecto a la actualidad petrolera, esta semana predominaron los balances y análisis prospectivos sobre el desarrollo de la industria frente al colapso económico mundial y en particular frente a la actual saturación del mercado petrolero.

Progresión de la Pandemia Covid-19

Política Interior de EE.UU.

Analysis: Why Donald Trump can’t just postpone the November election. CNN, 25 Abril 2020

Trump’s death march to November: If they’re not his voters, let ’em die. Lucian K. Truscott IV, Salon, 25 Abril 2020

Democrats directly challenge Trump — and GOP incumbents — over president’s handling of pandemic. Paul Kane, The Washington Post, 25 Abril 2020

Biden wants a new stimulus ‘a hell of a lot bigger’ than $2 trillion. Michael Grunwald, Politico, 25 Abril 2020

As Poll Show Nearly 90% Democratic Support, Biden Told Hostility to Medicare for All ‘No Longer Tenable Position for You’. Jon Queally, Common Dreams News, 25 Abril 2020

Sanders outlines steps on health care for Biden. Tal Axelrod, The Hill, 25 Abril 2020

A Candidate in Isolation: Inside Joe Biden’s Cloistered Campaign. NYTimes, 25 Abril 2020

Nervous Republicans See Trump Sinking, and Taking Senate With Him. Jhonathan Martín, NY Times,  25 Abril 2020

Trump expands battle with World Health Organization far beyond aid suspension. John Hudson, Josh Dawsey, Souad Mekhennet,The Washington Post, 25 Abril 2020

Republican strategy memo advises GOP campaigns to blame China for coronavirus. Colby Itkowitz, The Washington Post , 25 Abril 2020

Barack Obama takes a jab at Trump and says America needs ‘leaders who will bring people together’. Lauren Edmonds, Frances Mulrane Daily Mail, 26 Abril 2020

260,000 Words, Full of Self-Praise, From Trump on the Virus. Jeremy W. Peters, Elaina Plott, Maggie Haberman, NYTimes, 26 Abril 2020

Biden allies fear Trump fundraising juggernaut. Amie Parnes, Jonathan Easley, TheHill, 26 Abril 2020

Joe Biden is struggling to win voters’ attention. Financial Times, 26 Abril 2020

Una combinación preocupante para Trump: coronavirus, parálisis económica y baja en las encuestas. Luis Alonso Lugo, Univision, 27 Abril 2020

Nancy Pelosi endorses Joe Biden for president in video remarks calling him the ‘personification of hope and courage’. Michael Scherer, Washington Post, 27 Abril 2020

Hillary Clinton endorses Joe Biden for president. Michael Scherer, Washington Post, 28 Abril 2020

Baltimore’s Kweisi Mfume wins his — and Elijah Cummings’s — old House seat. Rachel Chason, Jenna Portnoy, Washington Post, 28 Abril 2020

Rep. Justin Amash to seek Libertarian Party nomination for president. David Weigel ,Washington Post, 28 Abril 2020

U.S. House not returning next week, Trump says Democrats on ‘vacation’. Reuters, 28 Abril 2020

New Information Emerges Around Biden Sexual Assault Allegation. NPR, 29 de abril 2020

Joe Biden to break his silence on Tara Reade’s sexual assault claim Friday. AP/The Guardian, 30 de abril 2020

Trump prepara un equipo de transición ante la posibilidad de un derrota en noviembre, según reporte. AP,- Univision, Univision, 30 Abril 2020

Podcast y canales

Saturday, April 25, 2020

President Trump is downplaying claims he made that disinfectants and UV rays could kill the coronavirus inside the human body. Fabric from pantyhose and tights can upgrade cloth face masks. Also, Georgia is allowing some non-essential businesses to re-open this weekend. Up First, NPR, 25 Abril 2020

A Glut in Oil

Something weird happened last week. It was something that millions of people who have faced years of painful prices at the gas pump never expected: The cost of a barrel of oil dropped into the negatives. Today, we explore why this happened, and what it reveals about the state of the economy. Guest: Clifford Krauss, an energy correspondent for The Times based in Houston. For more information on today’s episode, visit The Daily, 27 de abril 2020

Trump and Biden Face Off Over China and the Coronavirus

Around the world, COVID-19 is fundamentally altering politics. In China, the Communist Party is lauding its handling of the crisis and spreading disinformation about the virus in the U.S. And, as attacks on Chinese-Americans increase, the Biden and Trump campaigns accuse each other of being overly cozy with Beijing. Evan Osnos joins Dorothy Wickenden to discuss how the coronavirus is affecting the course of the 2020 Presidential election. The New Yorker, 28 Abril 2020

Who’s Benefiting From The Coronavirus Economic Relief Package?

As small businesses and individuals struggle to obtain federal aid, the wealthiest are poised to reap tens of billions of dollars in tax savings. That’s what ‘New York Times’ investigative business reporter Jesse Drucker says. Drucker explains how the economic rescue package is benefiting the rich. NPR, 29 Abril 2020

Biden’s Campaign of Isolation.

Daily, NYTimes, 29 Abril 2020

Friday, May 1, 2020

Coronavirus stay-at-home orders are expiring in several states so many businesses are calculating how they can re-open. But that’s not a simple process. Also, workers for some the biggest companies in the U.S. who have been working through the pandemic are planning mass protests. And, former Vice President Joe Biden, the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee, faces an accusation of sexual assault. Up First, 01 Mayo 2020

Política Económica de EE.UU.

U.S. deficit could quadruple to $3.7 trillion in coronavirus crisis: CBO. Reuters, 24 Abril 2020

Trump says he will block coronavirus aid for U.S. Postal Service if it doesn’t hike prices immediately. Lisa Rein,Jacob Bogage,Washington Post, 24 Abril 2020

Fact check: Is the economy still in a better place than when Obama left office? Andrienne Dunn, USA Today, 25 Abril 2020

As they rushed to maintain U.S. meat supply, big processors saw plants become covid-19 hot spots, worker illnesses spike. Taylor Telford, Kimberly Kindy, Washington Post, 25 Abril 2020

If you’re still waiting on your $1,200 stimulus check, here are key dates for the next set of payments. Michelle Singletary, Washington Post, 27 Abril 2020

U.S. economy shrank 4.8 percent in first quarter, the biggest decline since the Great Recession. Heather Long, Washington Post, 29 Abril 2020

Stymied in Seeking Benefits, Millions of Unemployed Go Uncounted. Nelson D. Schwartz, Tiffany Hsul, Patricia Cohen, NYTimes, 30 Abril 2020

Futures slide as Trump threatens new tariffs on China. Reuters, 30 Abril 2020

Podcast y canales

Alphabet’s signs of recovery, Trump’s meat plant order, measuring inflation

Google’s internet search business stabilised in April after a sharp downturn at the end of last month, Fitch has downgraded Italy’s credit rating to a single notch above junk, and US President Donald Trump orders meat-processing plants to remain open in the wake of coronavirus-related closures. Plus, the FT’s economics correspondent, Delphine Strauss, explains why statisticians are having such a hard time measuring inflation during the global pandemic. FT, 28 Abril 2020

Federal Reserve Pledges Action as U.S. GDP Shrinks

P.M. Edition for April 29th: The U.S. economy shrank at its fastest pace since the last recession, and the Federal Reserve pledges aggressive action to support a recovery. WSJ reporter Harriet Torry discusses the day’s economic developments. Annmarie Fertoli hosts. WSJ, 28 Abril 2020

Can the economy recover from coronavirus?

It’s the world’s largest economy and has enjoyed record growth. But it’s collapsing. The U.S. economy could be facing its worst recession in decades triggered by covid-19 measures. It shrank by almost 5% in the first quarter of this year. That’s the biggest slide since the 2008 financial crisis. Millions of Americans have lost their jobs and consumer spending has seen its biggest decline in forty years. As many businesses are going bankrupt,the U.S. has pumped more than two trillion dollars into the economy in the past six weeks. But many economists say this is not enough, and the worse is yet to come. President Donald Trump says things will bounce back once the virus is contained. The spillover is expected to inflict long term damage in the U.S. and around the world. So, what can be done to reverse the crash? Presenter: Moahmmed Jamjoom. Guests: Gregg Swenson, partner at investment banking firm Brigg Macadam. Robert Scott, senior international economist at the Economic Policy Institute). Inside Story, 29 Abril 2020

Why the Small-Business Stimulus Loans Don’t Work for All

Restrictions in the Paycheck Protection Program on how small businesses can allocate loan money has left many owners frustrated because they can’t cover overhead expenses. Wall Street Journal reporter Yuka Hayashi explains. WSJ, 01 Mayo 2020

Relaciones Venezuela — Estados Unidos

Venezuela nuevamente es centro de debate en el Consejo de Seguridad de la ONU. El Universal, 24 Abril 2020

Pompeo y Guaidó conversan sobre “transición democrática” de Venezuela. El Financiero, 27 Abril 2020

Venezuela Appoints Alleged Drug Trafficker as Oil Minister. Kejal Vyas, WSJ, 27 Abril 2020

Armada venezolana dice desactivó “falso positivo” con drogas y acusa a EEUU. La Vanguardia, 27 Abril 2020

Venezuela denuncia ante Consejo de Seguridad de la ONU crímenes de lesa humanidad de EEUU durante la pandemía COVID-19. Vicepresidencia de la República Bolivariana de Venezuela, 28 Abril 2020

Commerce Department Tightens Restrictions on Exports to China, Russia and Venezuela. Key Takeaways, Lexology, 28 Abril 2020

Aristeguieta Gramcko propone a Elliott Abrams aplicar la “Operación Antorcha”. Nitu Pérez Osuna, Diario de las Américas, 28 Abril 2020

EEUU duda de las cifras de coronavirus en Venezuela. Matias Delacroix, Union Bulletin, 28 Abril 2020

Exclusive: Venezuela Asks Bank of England to Sell Its Gold to U.N. for Coronavirus Relief-Sources. Reuters, NYT, 29 Abril 2020

Halliburton (HAL) Halts Most Work in Venezuela Over Sanction. Zacles, 29 Abril 2020

Swiss oil traders and banks burned by Venezuela ties. Paula Dupraz-Dobias, Swiss Info, 29 Abril 2020

U.S. asks Mexico for help to investigate oil-for-food pact with Venezuela. Reuters, 29 Abril 2020

EE.UU. denuncia el desembarco de Irán en Venezuela para apoyar a Maduro, tras la revelación de ABC. David Alandete, ABC, 29 Abril 2020

Pompeo urges end to overflight rights for Iran airline flying to Venezuela. Thompson Reuters, WHTC, 29 Abril 2020

Venezuela.- Pompeo dice que EEUU reabrirá su Embajada en Caracas “en cuanto Maduro se haga a un lado”. Europa Press, Bolsamanía, 29 Abril 2020

Bolton reitera: EEUU debe apoyar el fin de la represión de Maduro. Leonardo García, Noticiero Digital, 29 Abril 2020

Biden propone retomar política de Obama hacia Cuba. Diario de Cuba, Diario de las Américas, 29 Abril 2020

Washington y su política cobarde contra Venezuela. Pablo Jofre Leal, El Ciudadano, 29 Abril 2020

Felipe González: “Es peligroso fiar la salida democrática de Venezuela a los impulsos de Trump”. José Gregorio Meza, El Nacional, 29 Abril 2020

El embajador ruso denuncia intentos de EEUU de injerir en los asuntos internos de Venezuela. Sputnik, 29 Abril 2020

Canciller de Venezuela agradece llamado de suspender medidas ilegales. Prensa Latina, 29 Abril 2020

Venezuelan opposition lawmaker introduces new oil law to open industry. Luc Cohen, Nasdaq, 29 Abril 2020

Elliott Abrams: La petición de extradición contra Hugo el “Pollo” Carvajal sigue vigente. El Nacional, 29 Abril 2020

EEUU desconoce el paradero de Hugo “El Pollo” Carvajal pero mantiene pedido de extradición. Globovisión, 30 Abril 2020

Actualidad Petrolera Mundial

5 Reasons Why Mexico’s Oil Industry Is Destined For Disaster. Viktor Katona, Oil Price, 25 de abril 2020

Un “Pearl Harbor” petrolero se avecina a EEUU cortesía de Arabia Saudí. Sputnik News, 25 de abril 2020

Los futuros de Brent para entrega en julio suben hasta más de 25 dólares por barril. RT, 26 de abril 2020

Rusia tiene colchón de seguridad para sobrevivir a crisis petrolera. HispanTV, 26 de abril 2020

Russia Steals Chinese Oil Market Share From Saudi Arabia. Oil Price, 27 de abril 2020

Saudi Arabia And Russia Fight Bitter Market Share Battle As Oil Prices Collapse. Vanand Meliksetian, Oil Price, 27 de abril 2020

La petrolera estadounidense Diamond Offshore se declara en quiebra. RT, 27 de abril 2020

Trump Could Use ‘Nuclear Option’ To Make Saudi Arabia Pay For Oil War. Simon Watkins, 27 de abril 2020

How COVID-19 Will Change Oil Markets Forever. Irina Slav, Oil Price, 28 de abril 2020

The Death Of U.S. Oil. Arthur Berman, Oil Price, 28 de abril 2020

Se acaba el juego para la industria petrolera de Estados Unidos. Arthur Berman, Oil Price, 28 de abril 2020

Productores de petróleo de Estados Unidos almacenan crudo en una reserva estratégica en medio del exceso de petróleo desencadenado por el coronavirus COVID-19. Sputnik News, 28 de abril 2020

US oil shut-ins in numbers: Expect at least 300,000 barrels per day shut during May and June. Rystad Energy, 28 de abril 2020

Brent Oil Price Could Double By December. Tom Kool, Oil Price, 28 de abril 2020

Foreign Policy: El pacto entre EEUU y Arabia Saudí va a hundirse. Al Manar, 29 de abril 2020

Saudi tanker armada set to join US congestion and strain oil storage with 43 million-barrel load. Rystad Energy, 29 de abril 2020

Precios petroleros aceleran su aumento a la espera de estadísticas sobre reservas de EEUU. Sputnik News, 29 de abril 2020

Descubren reservas de gas en las aguas libanesas Al Manar, 29 de abril 2020

Crisis mundial del petróleo, ¿el “tiro de gracia” para la producción local en Argentina? Sputnik News, 29 de abril 2020

¿Quién es el nuevo CEO de YPF? Página 12, 30 de abril 2020

The Oil Wells That Will Never Recover. David Messler, Oil Price, 30 de abril 2020

Covid-19 demand update: Oil seen down 10.8%, jet fuel down 33.6%, road fuel down 11.2% in 2020. Rystad Energy, 30 de abril 2020

Europa renuncia al GNL estadounidense. Sputnik News. 30 de abril 2020

Alemania prevé negar exención de la Directiva sobre Gas de la UE a Nord Stream 2. Sputnik News, 1 de mayo 2020

¿Tomará Texas una decisión crucial? 1.000 dólares por barril extra. Sputnik News, 1 de mayo 2020

China Calls For Probe Into Oil-Linked Product That Burned Tons Of Investors. Tsvetana Paraskova, Oil Price, 30 de abril 2020

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